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Lee Henschel Jr.—The Sailing Master Book II: The Long Passage

TSM B2 6x9  Cover Dark Spine f small-2.jpg

Join us for the offical launch of Lee Henschel Jr.'s newest novel of the sea, The Sailing Master Book Two: The Long Passage, which brings back the days of tall sailing ships.

About the Book: 
When Admiral Nelson defeats the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile, Owen Harriet attains the rank of midshipman. Shortly thereafter his ship deploys to French Indochina, but at George Town he falls prey to a shameless trollop. Upon arriving in the Mekong, his squadron proceeds to destroy the French depot at Long Vinh. But during the operation a French privateer takes Owen prisoner. He risks all to escape and, after two years in the East, finally embarks for home. In an ironic conclusion, HMS Eleanor engages the frigate, Hommage, in unrestrained battle, only to learn the Treaty of Amiens was signed with the French on the very day they encountered Hommage. As a result, their sacrifice means nothing, and must remain classified in order to preserve the fragile peace.

About the Author: 
Lee Henschel Jr. was born in 1947. His published work includes Short Stories of Vietnam, and the novel, Deja Nam. He has been anthologized in Denmark and China, and in a wide range of magazines and periodicals in the United States. The inspiration for The Sailing Master came when he was thirteen and wanted to write a story set in the Golden Age of Sail—a story that one of his nautical heros, Captain Hornblower, might like to read. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.