I thought of that while riding my bicycle

Back in May, Amelia hung a poster in the bookstore bathroom.  It has a lengthy physics formula, a silhouette of a bicycle and a quote from Einstein:  "I thought of that while riding on my bicycle."  (For a fictional elaboration on that story, read Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.)  We also placed, appropriately, some scratch paper, a pencil and a small box labeled "What do you think of/about when riding your bicycle?

This is not a contest.  There are no winners, no losers.  There are a number about flying, freedom, hills, and even more about sex -- but here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

1.  Why dogs like the air in their ears so much.

2.  Some sort of mirror person riding below the road with me.  (complete with drawing)

3.  "Holy crap! I don't own a bicycle.  Where did I get this from?!!"

4.  Safety first.

5.  The path in front of me.

6.  I spend many hours on my bike, but prayer & serving come to mind most often, with the occasional, "Watch out for that tree!!!"

7. Al Green tunes

8.  How I look to others -- Poise

9.  Potholes and Vonnegut

10.  Food!

11.  RIFFFS!

12,  I take out my dreams and dust them off and feel glad of wherever it is I find myself.

13.  Can I pet that cat?

14.  Comebacks to when people hassle me in heavy traffic.  Freedom at other times.

15.  Colors.  I want to paint everything I see.