Road Trip with a Mission

I know several people who have set the goal of visiting every national park.  I'd say that's an admirable and interesting goal.

And I know a guy who had visited every Major League Baseball stadium -- and then some new ones were built, and he had to hit the road again.  For me, at least, being a baseball fan all my life, that seems like a good goal.

I've even met a guy who has set foot in every county in the United States.  I'm not so sure about that one.

One of my brothers stops at every historical marker (unless he's read it before).  It used to drive his kids nuts, but now they kinda get it.  Kinda.  

A lady came into the store today.  She's driving from New York to the West Coast, and then back again.  On the way, whenever she stops for long enough, she's hunting up a bookstore and buying something local.  She picked up a copy of Mary Relindes Ellis's Bohemian Flats -- not just a local author, but a historical novel set in Minneapolis.  Yeh.  I could do that.