We sell books on line, on Amazon and the three other major bookselling sites -- Alibris, Biblio and ABE.  I know that authors and new-book sellers generally despise Amazon, but used-book sellers can use it to supplement income.  We don't bother putting all our inventory on-line; only about 20% are worth posting, given the pricing vagaries of the internet.  It's not worth selling popular books, but the obscure stuff -- which is what we sell a lot in the store too -- can find a market.

So...we got a note from Amazon saying that one of our books had been removed from Amazon as a prohibited product.  Well, that's what I get for listing porn?  What, it isn't the porn?  Bomb-making instructions?  Nope.  By gosh, the prohibited, de-listed book was "The Man Who Killed Kennedy:  The Case Against LBJ."  

Now, of course, I wasn't the only one selling this book on Amazon.  And I listed several other JFK assassination conspiracy theory books -- I had picked up two boxes of them, for cheap -- blaming the Mafia, J. Edgar Hoover, the Dulles brothers, Fidel, etc.  None of those were prohibited.  And why not?  Why was this the one being silenced?  Are we finally sniffing the truth? 

Ah, but they were too late.  By the time I got the notice, I'd already sold the book.  On Amazon.  

Amazon's conscience won't let them list the book, but they kept the commission.