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Nancy Crocker—Seeing America

About the Book: 

1910, rural Missouri. John Hartmann is graduating from high school and has no idea what the future holds. When his friend Paul Bricken, 19 and blind since birth, buys a Model T and asks John to drive him to Yellowstone National Park, he jumps at the chance. He's less enthusiastic about bringing along Henry Brotherton, who's loud, crude, and a bigot.

The three set off on the trip of a lifetime as America braces itself for the Jack Johnson-Jim Jefferies heavyweight championship bout and the biggest racial upheaval the young country has seen since its Civil War 50 years earlier.

Seeing America is a road trip yarn, a coming-of-age story, a glimpse into America at the very start of the automobile age that would change the world, and an unblinking look at how people perceive others—especially those different from themselves.


About the Author: 

Nancy Crocker is an award winning author and a Missouri native who started her career as a singer, having performed alongside Loretta Lynn at age thirteen. Her written work has appeared in the American Heritage Anthology, and she is the author of the picture book Bettie Lou Blue, published by Dial. Her first novel, Billie Standish Was Here, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2007 and was a Booklist Top 10 Novel for Youth, a Kirkus Editor's Pick for Best Books for Young Adults, a 2009 TAYSHA Reading List selection, and a New York Library’s Book for the Teen Age selection. She now lives in Minneapolis with her husband and son.