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Colin Mustful—Grace at Spirit Lake

About the Book: 

Grace at Spirit Lake is full-length cross-genre novel which tells the story of the people and events of the Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857. This lesser known tragedy is often regarded as the critical event which foreshadowed the U.S. – Dakota Conflict of 1862. The Massacre was carried out by a small band of roving Wahpekute Indians upon the settlers at Spirit and Okoboji Lakes as well as the small settlement at Springfield, Minnesota. It resulted in a harrowing rescue effort by both Minnesota and Iowa volunteer soldiers in addition to the pursuit and hopeful capture of the Wahpekute band and its leader, Inkpaduta.

The story captures the events through the eyes Joseph Campbell, the real life interpreter to the Dakota Indians. Throughout the tale Joseph is torn between right and wrong and he continually seeks to discover the truth of his unfortunate place in history. He struggles to help understand the reasons for the conflicting interests that led to violence as well as his inner conflict as a mixed breed in a racially segregated society.

The event is free and open to the public. 

About the Author: 

Colin Mustful is a Minnesota author and historian with an extensive background in Native American history. More specifically the author has studied the subjugation and extinguishment of the Native American as well as the reasoning and justifications for such actions by those who have sought to expel, erase, and destroy western indigenous cultures. In addition to Grace at Spirit Lake, he is the author of the historical novel Thy Eternal Summer.