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Connie Miller Pease—Mrs. Covington's Sunday School Dropouts

About the Book: 

Cathy Covington has taught Sunday school to hundreds of young teens over the last forty years. After graduation, many of those students walked out the church door without a backward glance. Now Cathy is determined to see if a little nudge could push some of them back on the straight and narrow. But when Cathy is elected Chairman of the Lumberjack Days parade committee, her new post threatens to consume all her time and energy. And, as if life isn't crazy enough, she stumbles on a windfall that could change everything in her life. What follows is a hilarious, heartwarming adventure through the state forest, suburbs, and inner city as Cathy and her best friend Andi track down her former students, now troubled young adults. Along the way, Cathy learns that blessings have a way of hiding themselves until you are miles down the road, looking in the rear view mirror.

About the Author: 

With one foot in the city and one in the northwoods, Connie Pease has developed a sensitivity wrapped in equal parts gentle humor and compassionate truth. Her creative efforts to give expression for the common longings for friendship and true community found wherever God's heart is beating in people are found in her poetry, books, and original musicals. Connie left private practice as a psychologist to home school her four children through their elementary years. In addition to being a middle-school Sunday school teacher, she has been a workshop leader, featured speaker and worship leader in a variety of venues. She lives with her family in Minnesota.

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