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Northeast Story Slam—RESURRECTION

Welcome to the next installation of the Northeast Story Slam Series!

The theme this time around is Resurrection, in recognition of Spring!

The story slam events are all about providing a space for anyone to tell their share what's happened, what's important, what's hilarious, what's inspiring, what is. Here, you'll find an opportunity to seek the humanity in others and share stories as a vital part in building, healing and growing community. Besides that, it's the best earthly entertainment anyone could ask for! You can't make this stuff up! Let's laugh and listen together.

Every few months we will gather. Anyone can tell a story. It must be from your life, and under 7 minutes (we will keep track of the time for you!). You can tell a story from memory, just off-the-cuff, or read a piece you have prepared. 

Send me a message or email ( if you would like to tell a story. Your story can be prepared ahead of time, totally improvised, or even read aloud if you have it in written form. The only requirements for the story are: 1) it true and draws from your life 2) it is 7 minutes or less.

Can't wait to hear your stories!

Find the facebook group at Northeast Story Slam