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D.B. Moon—He’s Either Dead or in St. Paul

About the Book: 

God must have created Sylvester Hobbs while nursing a hangover. Dangerous and ill-tempered, Sly quickly realizes that life as a gangster in 1928 Prohibition St. Paul isn't all speak easies and hot-and-cold running molls. Sometimes there's Hell to pay.

After a botched snatch-and-grab, Sly finds a mysterious document on one of his deceased victims. The document, and the possible fortune it represents, grabs hold of Sly and refuses to let go.

Pinned down by a ruthless Mob boss and a crooked but savvy cop, Sly is forced to kidnap Father Patrick Murphy who alludes to the fact he has prior knowledge of the document. Despite several warnings from Father Murphy to stop following the cursed piece of paper, Sly forges ahead with the frail old priest dragging behind.

The truth about the document unfolds layer by layer until its true origin is discovered. Sly finds it isn't the document he needed to fear, but who it really belongs to.


About the Author:

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, D. B. Moon was brought up to appreciate meat raffles and pull tabs, same as any fine St. Paulite worth his salt.

He lives on a Minnesota lake and tries not to answer his door if at all possible. However, rumor has it he will let you buy him a Sailor Jerry & Coke if and when you find him in some local dive. Look for him in places where the bar top is oversaturated with stale beer and sad stories.

He writes books described best as hard-boiled fiction with a dose of the metaphysical. Raymond Chandler tussles with Stephen King. An enticing blend of suspense and attitude.