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Chatsworth Press presents Lonely Whale Memoir

Chatsworth Press is a rookie micro press located in St. Paul. Join us for a collaborative reading in celebration of their first book, an anthology titled Lonely Whale Memoir. 

About the Book: 

Since 1989, the world has been following the heartbreaking journey of the Lonely Whale. For reasons unknown, he or she cannot speak the same language as other whales. Referred to by some as the 52-Hz Whale—because of its unique frequency of whale song—the Lonely Whale has been tracked roaming the oceans alone, listening in vain for a song that will never be returned.

Is the Lonely Whale the last of his species? Or is she, as some speculate, a hybrid of two different species of whale? No one knows for sure, but the Lonely Whale’s story has touched something deep within our hearts.

The Lonely Whale Memoir gives voice to the unheard song within all of us, capturing themes and feelings sparked by the actual Lonely Whale. Through compelling stories and passionate poetry we will swim past the isolation that normally separates us and, for a moment, truly connect.

The Lonely Whale can be seen as a story of tragedy or one of hope. We ask that you listen with your heart and hope along with us that one day all of our voices are truly heard.