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Peg Meier—Wishing for a Snow Day: Growing Up in Minnesota

About the Book:

Beloved pets. Holiday rituals. Schoolyard antics. Teenage perspectives on a world at war. Childhood is a mixed bag of challenges and joys wherever one grows up. In Minnesota, youthful memories may be arranged seasonally: making snow angels in January, swatting mosquitoes in July. They may be tinged with a nostalgic glow or imprinted by lessons hard won.

In this new collection, Peg Meier explores the themes of childhood—the bitter and the sweet. Thanks to Minnesotans who took the time to write— whether as children in the moment or as adults looking back—Meier unearthed a wealth of material on the subject, ranging from diary entries and reminiscences to newspaper columns and an abundance of photographs. Humorous touches and reality checks are offered in equal doses, and the result is a fascinating record of Minnesotans doing what everyone must: grow up.

About the Author:

Peg Meier is the author of seven books about Minnesotans, past and present. “Wishing for a Snow Day” is her collection of stories by and about Minnesota kids, from the 1830s onward. The book features more than 200 black-and-white photos of children. Her best-selling book, “Bring Warm Clothes: Letter and Photos and Minnesota’s Past,” was published in the 1980s and still is going strong. For 35 years, Meier was a reporter with the Star Tribune. She wrote mostly feature stories and Minnesota history for the newspaper. She happily retired ten years ago and now devotes herself to researching Minnesota history and helping kids learn to read.

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