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Sarah Bergstrom—Desert Dwellers Born By Fire

About the Book:

Khalid, Lahcen and Qeriya are three siblings living in a secretive desert community who find that each possesses a special power they are forbidden to use. As they find the courage to seek answers to questions about their community and themselves, their parents are suddenly struck unconscious by a serious illness, cured only by a flower found far away from home. The siblings find themselves fugitives for a reason they don't understand and as they escape and plan a means of finding an antidote, they are forced into a world previously known only through stories. It is here, when they encounter humanlike creatures calling themselves Reaume, that they find unsettling answers to their questions. Can they summon the wisdom and strength to save their parents while they are being targeted by powerful forces? Desert Dwellers Born By Fire is the first in a series detailing their journey to find a cure and make sense of both their world and their existence.

About the Author:

Sarah Bergstrom's favorite pastimes include reading and watching engaging stories with plot twists and great characters, hanging out with her husband and kids, enjoying both the wilderness and the city. Her favorite subjects are science fiction and theology. She especially enjoys visiting middle schools to talk with students about being a writer because they always have great questions.

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