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Midge Bubany—Silver's Bones

About the Book

Seventeen-year-old Silver Rae Dawson vanished while babysitting for her neighbors. Fifteen years later a landscaping crew, hired by Adriana Valero, Deputy Investigator Cal Sheehan's ex-girlfriend, uncovers her shallow grave. With little new evidence and suspects who seem to have solid alibis, it isn't going to be easy for a fairly inexperienced investigator to solve a homicide gone cold. But what Cal lacks in experience he makes up in determination as he relentlessly pursues the truth and uncovers shocking secrets and brilliantly conceived lies.

About the Author

Midge Bubany, a retired teacher, has educated herself on police procedures using several resources, including attending the Orono­Citizens Police Academy, an eight-week course offered by the Orono Police Department—which also allowed her the privilege of participating in ride-alongs. Midge lives with her husband in Long Lake, Minnesota.