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Meg Hafdahl—Twisted Reveries

About the Book: 

The 13 tales collected in Twisted Reveries, each tinged with horror and spine-tingling prose, are sure to entertain and frighten. From the strange town of Willoughby, where forgetting is a way of life, to the prairie lands of the midwest, Meg Hafdahl presents stories set in delightfully twisted landscapes with heroines that surprise at every turn. 

About the Author: 

A native of British Columbia, Canada, and Duluth, Minnesota, Meg Hafdahl studied literature and creative writing at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where she received a grant for playwriting. Her story, "Dark Things", was a finalist for the 2014 Jane Austen Short Story Award. She had published short stories with Spider Road Press, in Eve's Requiem, as well as with Inklings Publishing's Eclectically Criminal anthology. Currently, Meg lives in Rochestor, Minnesota with her husband and two young sons.