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Zach Czaia—Saint Paul Lives Here (In Minnesota)

About the Book: 

Unabashedly local and particular, these poems bring alive the sights, sounds, and people of Minneapolis and Saint Paul-the "twin cities" of Minnesota. In addition, they aim to think and feel their way through one of the most painful episodes in the history of the local church, the revelations of cover-up surrounding the sexual abuse of children by priests. The poet's words present one mode of healing in a difficult hour, some nourishment as a community moves forward into a new day.

About the Author: 

Zach Czaia is the author of Saint Paul Lives Here (In Minnesota), a series of poems reflecting on the author’s life of faith as well as his response to the sex abuse crisis occurring in his hometown Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Zach is a high school English teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota.