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Janaya Martin—Tiptoe and Whisper

About the Book: 

Tiptoe and Whisper is a perfectly timed drunk dial to your ex. It’s your inner child rattling the walls of your ribcage. It’s every love letter you should have sent and all the things you want to say but keep hidden under your tongue. 

Janaya Martin’s first collection of poetry is filled with love, heartbreak, and devastating honesty. These poems are meant to feel familiar and offer solace. They are to be carried around, read, shared and reread as needed.

About the Author: 

Janaya Martin is a poet and mother of three. Between poems, chasing children and amateur gardening, she (somehow) finds time to maintain a full-time job at the University of Minnesota and host a monthly reading series, Writers Read, in NE Minneapolis. Tiptoe and Whisper is her first book.