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Colin Mustful—Ceding Contempt

About the Book: 

Ceding Contempt follows artist Frank Blackwell Mayer as he travels to Minnesota in 1851 to witness the Treaty of the Traverse des Sioux between the Dakota Indians and the U.S. Government. Utilizing elements of fiction and nonfiction, author Colin Mustful gives an educational yet dramatic account of this historic treaty that changed forever the future of Minnesota. Alongside the detailed and dramatic narrative are twenty-seven authentic images sketched by Frank Mayer as he attempted to capture the essence of the fleeting Minnesota frontier.

This exciting new release was preceded by the author’s two other novels, Fate of the Dakota and Grace at Spirit Lake. All three novels consider the complicated relationships between frontier settlers and the Dakota Indians of southern Minnesota. This important history has often been overlooked or misunderstood though it resulted in a watershed event in the history of Minnesota known as the U.S. – Dakota War of 1862. 

About the Author: 

Colin Mustful writes a unique cross-genre utilizing elements of fiction and nonfiction in order to tell compelling stories that inform and entertain. The author’s work focusses on the tragic and complicated history surrounding the largely unknown and misunderstood event of the U.S. – Dakota War of 1862. Using a variety of sources, author Colin Mustful objectively considers this important part of Minnesota history through multiple perspectives and necessary historical context. The result is an educational narrative that includes fictional drama and a thought-provoking story.

Mustful resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has a Master of Arts in History from Minnesota State University, Mankato. In addition to writing, Colin is an avid soccer player and a frequent marathoner. Recently, Colin has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail – – a 2600 mile trail extending from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington .