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Gary R. Bush—Sail into Treachery

About the Book:

In 1803, Jamie Sharpe, a cocky Boston boy, graduates top in his class from Bullard's Academy. Hoping to become a ship's captain like his father, Jamie has worked every odd mariner job and even sailed his own sloop to Halifax. However, his dreams are shattered when Captain Cutts, a wealthy slave trader, demands payment on a note he holds on the Sharpe family fortune. To satisfy the note, Jamie must travel across Massachusetts to get money from his grandfather. During the return trip, Jamie is ambushed and taken aboard a slaver bound for Africa. Jamie will need to grow up quickly if he intends to survive a Sail into Treachery.

About the Author:

A historian by training, Gary R. Bush writes for adults, YA and children. He is co-editor of the anthology Once Upon a Crime featuring stories from some of the world’s top mystery authors. He is the author of the children’s novel Lost in Space, the Flight of Apollo 13 (Stone Arch Books). He is also the author of a number of short stories. He has always loved stories of adventure and the sea. He’s sailed in the Atlantic, Pacific and Lake Superior. Gary Bush lives in Minneapolis with his wife Stacey, and their Kerry blue terrier, Fiona.