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Opal C McCarthy—SURGE: Poetry + Performance + Writing Ritual


SURGE is a book of wild girls and fierce tenderness, poetry of Opal’s own initiatory feminine journey. Opal's associated performance of her work will ask, “What tenacious love can we revive for the daughters of our daughters of our daughters? How are we held by our ancestral mothers and grandmothers?” In this time of year, the veil grows thin between the worlds of the living and the dead. Opal's poetry invokes the spirits of deep feminine holding, to unearth our tenderness, our wrath, our grief. She invokes these in direct response to the misogyny, racism, violence, and neglect our time has laid bare. 

Opal's poetry performance will be followed by an optional ancestral writing practice for audience members, and a book signing. 

This reading will also feature work by the artist Paula Barkmeier, whose artwork is featured on the cover of SURGE, designed by Nikkita Cohoon. More info about Paula here:

What am I missing? /the light that streams from a girl—for the taking / no—go back / see to it— nothing was taken / cells reconstitute themselves as orbs of rose light
-from SURGE