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A Comforted Heart Book Launch—Kelly Grosklags & Barbara Fleetham

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When confronted with serious illness like cancer, everything changes. In A Comforted Heart, Kelly and Barbara couple their wisdom of clinical and life experience with stories from patients and caregivers who have transformed fear into hope. Featuring clinical expertise, anecdotes, poetry and artwork, this book is a resource for patients and providers —offering solace to anyone living with or caring for someone with cancer.

For nearly 25 years Kelly has dedicated her practice to minimizing suffering through her work in oncology, palliative care and hospice. An experienced therapist and gifted speaker, Kelly created Conversations with Kelly as a public healing forum to broaden her reach as a psychotherapist, social worker and healer for patients and families.

Barbara, an award-winning credentialed and certified nurse, considers her many years in hospice as the pinnacle of her fulfilling career. Working with Kelly in hospice care, Barbara witnessed the fine honing of Kelly's skills and reputation as a tireless and principled patient advocate.

This celebratory book launch will feature readings, signings, and snacks!