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Howard A. W. Carson—Lily Pond: Forged Alliance

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About the Book:

The young frog, Croaker, delights in his simple life of sunning and swimming until a chance sighting of a slither begins him on a journey of growth. Until that moment the only real threat he faced was that of an old bass. Aided by a fairy, Link, Croaker travels the realm at the initial request of Gribit the Sage. Taking on responsibilities, imposed by himself for the good of the inhabitants of the five domains, he comes face to face with a far greater threat than any he had known from the pond when he encounters the imp general, O’Dias.

Croaker’s childhood friend, Webber, also finds he must travel and grow in his own way and in the process befriends the pixie, Puck, who has suffered a loss and seeks revenge. Now the two frogs and their newfound friends find themselves instrumental in trying to save the realm as ancient scrolls are uncovered and societies that have been at odds must now forge an alliance to meet a common threat.

About the Author:

In addition to his first book, Howard A. W. Carson is a local and national award-winning artist. Since 1996 he has been a volunteer art instructor at the Minneapolis VA Hospital. He has also volunteered at the Skyway Senior Center in downtown Minneapolis for several years. Expanding his palette to painting with words, this longtime resident of NE Minneapolis has created a world and its inhabitants in an engaging and enjoyable way to address an important discussion.