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Connie Claire Szarke—Lady in the Moon: A Novel in Stories

About the Book:

Oh, those formation years--coming of age never ends until it's time to leave this earth for good. Callandra Mae Lindstrom, a once feisty girl grown into a promising young woman, approaches her middle years altered by an abusive marriage. During the road trip back home from Illinois, where she and her father Will traveled in search of Uncle Amer's gravesite, Callie spends time behind the wheel coming to terms with her personal struggles. In doing so, she reflects on the lives of others, including former residents of Masterton, her captivating hometown. The ways in which these people survived or succumbed to their own painful experiences serve as critical lessons, helping Callie get on in the world as she alternately stumbles and dances through this part of her life.

About the Author: 

Connie Claire Szarke is the author of a trilogy topped off by her new novel, Lady in the Moon, following Delicate Armor and A Stone for Amer: the Callie Lindstrom series. Having grown up in Southwestern Minnesota amid small towns, farmland, woods, sloughs, lakes, and prairies, Szarke writes literary/historical fiction, finding much of her inspiration in the natural world. Her work has won prizes and publication in various anthologies and magazines. A lifelong classical pianist, Szarke also enjoys the French language and culture, skiing, and kayaking with her Shetland Sheepdogs on a bay near her home.