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Arlo Hennings—Guitarlo

About the Book: 

Guitarlo is a compelling, true to heart memoir in which Arlo Hennings takes readers on a journey from his challenging childhood, to his development into a poet, songwriter, musician, and father, to his current life in Indonesia where he continues to promote and create music. The inspiration that brought Arlo to Bali began at an Occupy protest where he was clubbed and arrested, having already lost his job, home, and marriage. While this reveals personal tragedies, it also radiates hard-won joy. Hennings' humor is a sweet tide that keeps bringing readers to shore, and his sheer love of being alive imbues the pages with quiet wisdom. The result is a sense of transcendence mixed with a jolt of laughter that makes the recounting absolutely real and deeply human.

About the Author: 

Minnesota music business entrepreneur, Arlo Hennings has more than 5,000 gigs notched on his guitar, which has taken him across the country and as far afield as South Africa and Bali. Before conceiving the idea of the Minnesota Music Awards, Hennings cut his teeth in the music field during his teenage years. His first lessons in the industry came from Al Jarreau’s manager, Patrick Raines, who he worked for as an assistant in his venue operation.

Hennings also worked for 18 years as the artist manager for A&M recording artist Shawn Phillips. Under Hennings' management, Phillips earned multiple Gold and Platinum record awards.

Combining his skills as a studio engineer, producer, and artist manager, Hennings succeeded in signing his roster of songwriters to one of the largest co-publisher/producer agreements in Minnesota. As an A&R director and co-publisher for PolyGram Music International, Hennings signed several acts to major labels.

Expatriating to the largest Muslim nation on Earth, Indonesia, Hennings has lived long-term in Bali and is currently located in Yogyakarta. Hennings became the label/manager for the critically acclaimed Balinese pianist, Erik Sondhy. In addition, he is a podcast host for Curved Radio, Sydney Australia, as well as a music business teacher to Indonesian musicians.

Hennings personal works include poetry distributed by California poet laureate Lawrence Ferlinghetti's New City Lights Bookstore, as well as a double album/screenplay “Burden of the Beat – the Eyelid Movie," which was nominated by music critic Jon Bream in 1985 as a “Best Of” Top 10, and documented by the Minnesota Historical Society.

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