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Grand ReOpening Weekend!

ou're cordially invited to help Eat My Words celebrate the store's move with a Grand Reopening Weekend on AUGUST 5 & 6. 

The weekend will include experimental film, pottery demos, a series of invigorating poetry readings, a rousing game of bookstore bingo, an acclaimed classical guitarist performing works by international composers, and seven bands playing across seven hours. 

All events are free and open to the public, and everyone is wholeheartedly welcome. ❤

The store's new address (one block away from our old location): 214 13th Avenue NE

Schedule of Events:


11am-5pm Bookstore Bingo

Get to know our new home with a rousing game of Bookstore Bingo! In this version, all participants will share the same 5x5 oversized game board featuring a range of creative book-related categories. Each book found that fulfills a square earns a discount from 10% to 30% off as marked on the square (the harder the category, the deeper the discount!). Whoever finds a book that satisfies the fifth square in a row for a “Bingo!” receives a discount of $15 off the book price. We will run multiple rounds of the game, so there will be plenty of opportunities to try your luck and test your book-browsing skills. 

3pm Pottery Demonstration by Bob Sorg

Bob Sorg has made the pottery for 212 Pottery for many years. His demonstration will feature “Mug Mugs”—portraiture drinking mugs inspired by real human faces.

5-7pm Poetry reading

Readers will include Terrance Folz, who has been performing poetry and spoken word in various Twin Cities forums for decades; Morgan Grayce Willow, author of Dodge & Scramble, Between, Silk, The Maps are Words, Arpeggio of Appetite; Tony the Scribe, a Minneapolis-bred rapper, writer, and performance-artist whose work is colored by a sense of impending consequences; and Tony Plocido, author of Sucker Punch Wisdom and Aging and Other Side Projects.

7pm Films by Wayne Nelsen

Wayne Nelsen has made 66 animated films based on the poems, stories and songs of other people. He will screen Alphabang (4:00), Make Da Da Great Again (8:04) and A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (7:48)

7:30-8:30pm Classical guitar by Branden Cravalho

Utilizing a global repertoire from renaissance to modern composers, Branden engages audiences with his diverse and charismatic programs. Recently the US Embassy invited Branden amongst a small group of American guitarists to be an active participant in the Belgrade Guitar Art Festival in Serbia. Branden will perform music written and arranged for solo classical guitar including works from baroque lutenist Sylvius Leopold Weiss, early romantic-era composer Johann Kaspar Mertz, virtuosic Argentinian composer Jorge Morel, and the celebrated Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo. 




In tandem with the nearby Open Streets Minneapolis Festival, EMW will host seven bands across seven hours at the store!

12pm Mama Caught Fire is an all-female trio whose music explores intricate harmony, emotional storytelling, and the power of voice. Band members include Abigail Tuominen, Molly Sowash, and Julia Hobart.

1pm DMC is the collaboration of Dean Spencer, Mick Powell, and Carla Super. Together, Dean, Mick, and Carla create a warm and vibrant acoustic folk/pop musical collaboration adding compliments and contrasts to each other's songs through instrumentation and harmonies.

2pm Nathan Elliot released his debut album, Universe in Me, in 2014, transforming “his familiar folk instruments into celestial sound machines, as mandola mingles with synth and bells." (The Current). Nate is currently finishing his follow-up album, By Ourselves, a collection of piano songs.

3pm Cat and Fox is the collision of songwriters and guitarists Thea Sass-Ainsworth and Sierra Corneil. Drawing on the dark corners of rock and the tenderness of jazz, they create hauntingly progressive soundscapes driven by distorted guitar riffs.

4pm Mumblin' Drew grabs you by the ear and pulls you down a rabbit hole of traditional American music. He treks across the landscape from country-blues guitar and harmonica-driven old-time, to an eerie banjo number or a tin pan alley oddity. Countless hours of playing on street corners around the country has instilled a genuine approach into his performance. No matter where he takes you, you won't be guided astray.

5pm Peter Breen is a folk songwriter and guitarist drawing from his background as a jazz pianist, his dad's collection of records and books, and his immersion in local politics. He can usually be found playing with The Bolt Weevils, but also does the occasional solo show.

6pm Gabe Barnett. Indie-troubadour Gabe Barnett's storied career—a pastiche of modern and nostalgic Americana imagery—finds the heartfelt, poetic narrative of a folksinger seamlessly merged with the cool, swaggering performance of a jazz-crooner with experimental twists and original tones.