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structures [ minneapolis ]


Robert Stokowy (*1988) is a sound artist, composer and artistic researcher from Cologne, Germany. His work entails experimental compositions, text based interventions, audiovisual performances and installations. All projects are framed by an overarching artistic research process, focussing on inner structural characteristics of sonic environments. His radical site-specific sound installations are based on phenomenological practices, consist of small sounds which hold very haptic and organic qualities. With his works the artist wants to explore the epistemic and creative potentiality of his sonic surroundings. His aim is to give access to experience new perspectives in their environment.

Sound artist and artistic researcher Robert Stokowy will give an artist talk on his project, conducted during his residence in Minneapolis. He will present his site-specific publication structures [ minneapolis ]. It contains a set of scores for performative site-specific sound installations. The book offers six text-based interventions to specific places in Minneapolis. They are sound installations without sound that anyone can perform. By listening, using the scores and one’s own imagination these installations emerge. All installations were created from, with and through the sonic environment of Minneapolis.

In his talk Robert will give an introduction to sound art, present his research endeavor, artistic approaches and practices as well as the book itself. The event will close with a four channel sound performance and a open discussion.

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