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Experiments in Thoughtfulness


On Tuesday, March 19th, from 7 to 8:30 at the Eat My Words Bookstore, 214 13 th

Avenue Northeast in Minneapolis, Peter Shea will convene a story circle discussion

with the theme: ‘Experiments in Thoughtfulness.’ We will watch a short life-history

interview, locate the echoes of that person’s style of life and thought in our own

lives, and consider what to do about this new information. The method: a

combination of story circles, a modified lectio divina process, and other

conversation strategies designed to give everyone a real chance to participate. Peter

Shea is a moral philosopher and host of the cable television show, “The Bat of

Minerva,” a project to make helpful lives more widely accessible. The session is free

and open.

The idea behind this project: people sometimes think about their ways of living by

comparing and contrasting what they do with what other people do. The richer the

set of examples available, the more opportunities such encounters offer. In a time

when American public life offers unhelpful models of thinking and action, it seems

important to explore the varieties of thoughtfulness.

No prior notification is needed. For questions and comments,

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