We carry a wide variety of used books from cheap paperbacks to collector's items, as well as publications from local authors.  


Used Books

We buy and sell used paperback and hardback books.  Our collection includes nearly every category you could want and few you have no interest in.  No real specialties, but we like classic literature, art, political commentary, history, gardening -- actually, pretty much anything that looks interesting. 



Rare Books

We buy and sell old and rare books; the oldest book is from 1787 (a set of books on English history, printed in Dublin).  Visit and spend hours paging through these windows to the past.  The old and rare cover many categories, but among our favorites are the old children's books -- i.e., books for old children.  We also have some interesting old sets, such as The Wit and Humor of America (1911) and The Harvard Classics - The Five Foot Shelf of Books (1910).   Out most unusual book (however that is measured) is probably a book written in pre-Braille embossed alphabet, invented in London by Dr. William Moon in the 1840s.  



Local Books

We sell new books by local authors and publishers. We also distribute zines that people have brought in, and are always looking for more.