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Liz Kisacky Severn—Luce Women

About the Book: 

After wealthy recluse Lyle Staybler dies under mysterious circumstances, Trudy Pluth becomes a person of interest. Townspeople mount judgments against her and enemies lurk in the shadows. Her few remaining friends offer support as they help Trudy renovate an old house. It's a diverse group: Trudy, who looks at people as projects in need of repair; Martha, whose Minnesota-nice persona masks her sadness and fears; Iris, a person of color transplanted from the East who's not sure how she fi ts in; and Greta, with a scandalous life that offers fodder for small-town gossips.

About the Author: 

A native of Maryland who currently lives in the Midwest, award-winning author and Minnesota State University Moorhead professor, Liz Kisacky Severn has worked as a reporter, columnist, assistant editor, and copywriter. She teaches writing and literature courses, among them the study of creative non-fiction on issues of death and grief. She is the recipient of a Barbara Deming /Money for Women grant in creative non-fiction. Her fiction appears in American Fiction ’97, Carve Magazine, and Storyglossia. Luce Women is Severn’s debut novel.