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Maure Ann Metzger—A Prison Called School: Creating Effective Schools for All Learners

On Saturday, March 26 at 3pm Maure Ann Metzger will discuss her A Prision Called School in the comapy of two of her former students, Andrew Dvorak and Charles Lindsey, both of whom are featured in the book. An open Q&A and book signings will follow the reading. 

About the Book: 

Why are our educational institutions and practices such a poor fit for so many students? A Prison Called School addresses the complex issues that place many students at a disadvantage as they try to survive yet another hurdle in life—school. Although some students are able to navigate and succeed in the current system, other students struggle to survive a system that is unable to meet their needs. For those students, school can feel like a twelve-year prison sentence. 

Students who cannot fit the outdated, one-size-fits-all model, are further penalized by a system that blames the struggling student rather than holding the institution accountable. For students to thrive in school, the system, not the students, must change in deep and substantial ways. A Prison Called School is a powerful catalyst for creating the empowering, engaging, and effective learning environments that all students need to succeed in school and life.

About the Author: 

Maure Ann Metzger Ed.D. was an educator, school psychologist and leader of district professional development for 27 years. She worked with youth in alternative and special education programs and currently works with former students to transform education. Maure Ann will be joined by two former students featured in her book - Andrew Dvorak and Charles Lindsey.

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