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The Peace Life—JUPITER BEACH Album Release Concert

A songwriting project that has a life of its own brings you not a new concept, but a needed one. Music has no higher purpose than to lay your burden down, and The Peace Life bears such a vibration.

In October 2012, TPL began to produce a debut single, "The Shaman" (released May 2013). These tracks propelled the duo into numerous venues and the consciousness of listeners everywhere. The self-titled album (released January 2014) contains seven tracks of original songs and art design. In the true spirit of independent music, it was self-produced as well as self-released.

TPL’s third indie release, “Jupiter Beach,” was quietly made public on April 20th of this year, with the goal of full radio and tour promotion to follow. The album features crowd favorite songs from live acoustic shows translated into a full band arrangement. The Peace Life sound unifies many influences from electric rock to jazz through a folk filter.