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Harley Staggers—World Enough and Time

About the Book: 

A tragic accident separated adolescent lovers, Haskell and Jennifer, twenty years earlier. Now a second tragedy has reunited them, but in a far different world from the one they were accustomed to. For one thing, they are unable to open doors or alter objects in any way, yet a creature as small as a blue bottle fly can manhandle them. They can also now see the departed. They soon discover that, in this new universe, time--like space--is multi-dimensional, and that they are able to move through time as easily as through space. They also discover that (consistent with the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics) there are a nearly infinite number of time streams lying side by side, above and below, and all around the one they occupy. As time streams constantly divide and diverge in this universe, anything that can possibly happen will happen somewhere in multi-dimensional time.

About the Author: 

Harley Staggers was born by the light of a kerosene lamp in a small logging community in northern Minnesota, just fifty miles up a dirt road from the nearest public library. For a time, he wrote a humorous newsletter for an organization called the Society of Dirty Old Men, after which he turned to writing short stories. His work has appeared in several periodicals, both print and digital media, and he has also published two short story collections under his real name, Earl Carlson.