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The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League

The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League, a string quartet, combines elegant composition, raucous enthusiasm, and virtuosic playing to bring the smoky rhythms and sizzling leads of Prohibition swing into the 21st century. 


Daniel Rosen, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Daniel was born on a small organic farm in northern Minnesota. He's been writing songs on the guitar since he first set his fingers to strings, and try as he might, he can't seem to stop. He's also an avid writer of speculative fiction: you can find his stories in a variety of SF/F publications.

Alan Peterson, Lead Guitar, Vocals

Alan combines brains and blazing dexterity into a dazzling mix of solos and lead lines. He's also an accomplished singer, frequent owner of a top-notch moustache, and the curator of an impressive vinyl collection.

Jonathan Halquist, Violin, Vocals

Jon is the black sheep in a long line of classically trained violinists, having set his eyes on wild improvisation and expression in lieu of the more domestic symphony composition. He is also slated to be one of the first humans on Earth to upload his consciousness into a digital construct.

Peter Whiteman, Bass, Vocals

The enigma. Half-man and half-beast, Pete wanders the river valleys and swampy trails of Twin Cities parks in an unceasing search for a melody he can't quite remember. Just before the waning of the full moon, he becomes a full wolfman and succumbs to the power of the pounding basslines that rumble constantly through his bones.