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Christopher D. Schmitz—Wolf of the Tesseract

*Author Christopher D. Schmitz will be at the Minneapolis's four-day comic and sci-fi MetaCon convention from September 2-5, but he's also offering this special off-site event at Eat My Words. Stop in, meet the author, ask questions, and get your book signed!*

After merging with her copy from an alternate reality, Claire must work with an interdimensional soldier in order to stop a warlock from shattering the laws of existence. As they flee his wrath, she must decide if these romantic feelings for her guardian belong to her or the alternate-self whose soul suddenly inhabits Claire's mind. 

Zabe, the only remaining member of the royal Guardian Corps, escaped the warlock's conquest of the Prime Dimension and wages a one-man resistance. As he sneaks through an enemy camp, he discovers they plan to use their sorcery to annihilate all the aligned planes of reality. To stop it, Zabe must break the forbidden dimensional barriers, reach Earth, and hide the key to the dimensional rifts. If he fails and the Warlock acquires the prize, it could spell the end of all existence.

After a dimensional shift, Zabe discovers the key is really a human woman: a college student named Claire Jones whose blood holds the ability to unlock cataclysmic power. The enemy seeks her desperately, yet Zabe and Claire fight--knowing that her blood could rip open a cosmic fissure if even the slightest detail of their plan goes awry.

About the Author: 

Christopher D. Schmitz is a veteran youth worker, speaker, blogger, and writes fiction and non-fiction. He's often described as "almost funny," or as a "perfectly mediocre bagpiper." He lives in Minnesota with his family.

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