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Mike Rinowski—Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall

About the Book: 

In 2008, Mike Rinowski traveled to Vietnam for the first time . To come upon a Harley Davidson in this context was as unexpected as the job offer that brought him there. Between work, Rinowski's joy rides out of Hanoi and Nha Trang turned into a quest that rolled into a journey: 41,000 miles alone across Vietnam to honor veterans who fought and died there. His free-spirited nature led him across a land of beauty and welcome—and faith guided him to a ride with a playful vengeance. He later crossed America on his Harley, with a road trip through Canada four-and-a-half years later. Harley Tracks tells the story of his remarkable and cross-continental journey.

About the Author: 

Mike Rinowski’s free-spirited nature grew from his youth in Minnesota. He enlisted in 1971 and served in Germany. After tenures and adventures from sea to shining sea, and 15 years in Asia, he returned to America. Hailing from Elk River, MN, he continues a journey of recognition to those who serve—and sacrificed for—freedom.