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The Bolt Weevils, Carlisle Evans Peck, & Josie Wilder

The Bolt Weevils play original American folk music, infusing old traditions with modern content and harmony. The band takes turns leading their original songs and providing tasteful accompaniment. Big sounds come from the small group as they sing in four-part harmony and trade instruments freely between them. The result is a unique blend of Dulcet freak-folk tones, artful activism, and a hootenanny with a conscience. The Bolt Weevils will be joined by Carlisle Evans Peck and Josie Wilder, who will perform piano-driven baroque-pop and indie-classical fairy songs.

Musicians include: 

*Peter Breen
*Kathleen Hobert
*Edde Hou
*Willow Waters
*Carlisle Evans Peck
*Josie Wilder