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Nate Graznow & Steven Hildreth

About the Authors:

An outdoorsman, novelist, and editor, Nate Graznow likes the smell of gunpowder, the taste of gin, the sound of freedom, and the feel of leather-bound books. He worked for years as a magazine editor for a Fortune 500 publishing company before launching Venator Media Solutions, a marketing communications company focused on the outdoor and tactical industries. His debut novel, The Scorpion's Nest, was selected as one of 1,000 finalists in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Awards, 2012, and was ranked first in the Mystery/ Suspense/ Thriller category at the IndieReader Discovery Awards, 2012. His sophomore work, Cogar's Despair, reached top 100 bestseller status in Amazon's 'Men's Adventure' category, followed by Cogar's Revolt—a top 3 finalist in Clive Cussler Collector's Society's 2014 Adventure Writer's Competition.

Upon leaving the active duty Army in Iraq, Steven Hildreth set out to become a thriller novelist. His novel series centers around Ben Williams, a former Army Special Forces soldier, CIA paramilitary officer, and current private military contractor. His first novel, The First Bayonet, is set shortly after Williams begins contracting; his second novel, The Sovereigns, is set in the interim period between Williams leaving the CIA and becoming a contractor. Hildreth's essays are usually political in nature, and revolve around the 2nd Amendment, law enforcement, and race relations in the United States. Hildreth resides in Tucson, Arizona.