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zenfolk baroque.
scottish modern acoustic.

"Haunting lo-fi folk" -Maverick Magazine, UK
"Unique collection of songs" -Rootstime, Belgium

Triflemore is a transatlantic folk duo, including one from small-town America and the other from the northernmost islands of Scotland, creating progressive folk with flavours of vintage British Isles folk baroque and Celtic. Analog singer-songwriters dedicated to crafting a crisp, elegant interpretation of lo-fi simplicity, they present their own contemplative poetry and melodies, whilst giving a nod to more formal, traditional folk stylings.

Their calendar is sparse and handcrafted with unique, welcoming venues and inclusive gathering places that are actively serving their communities. From the first line of poetry written, melody sewn together, all the way to exploring new spaces to share words and notes, they savor the creation of connection.

"...we have learned not to
read the directions
lose our way to elevate
our view when
all you needed is
all you can't buy
come you.
find us..."

-© 2018 Triflemore, "Come You." The Astonishingly Disruptive Nature of Kindness (and other worthwhile pursuits)

Lyric video:

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