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Poetry Performance Workshop

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Tony Plocido's poetry workshop will now be taking place on the first Wednesday of the month, instead of the second Wednesday.

This event is FREE. No cost. Nothing.

This is NOT a writing workshop. This is a PERFORMANCE workshop. We are here to help each other perform better. Here are things to keep in mind when you come (and you should be here!)

1) Bring 1 to 3 pieces to read. You will probably only read one but it's good to have a selection.

2) Bring copies (4 to 6 copies), double spaced, if possible. This helps everyone else take notes on your performance but is not required.

3) BRING PAPER AND PEN. You will be taking notes on the other performers.

4) Lastly, do not bring your fear. This is a safe space. We are here to make you better.

You may bring other people's work. Again, this is a performance workshop, not a writing workshop. We just want you to learn how to perform your poetry, instead of just reading it.

Earlier Event: May 24
Later Event: September 6
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