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Michael J. Dorer—The Deep Well of Time

About the Book:

“Please tell us a story.” In a classroom or at home, these words from children call for an immediate response, “Once upon a time,” which never fails to entertain. But stories can do so much more.

In this book, Montessorian and storyteller Dr. Michael Dorer illustrates how to tell good stories and why stories are so reliable for teaching lessons of character and moral development as well as those in all academic areas of any school curriculum. Learn why storytelling is an essential use of teachers’ valuable time and how it opens up critical neural pathways for all other learning.

With over forty-five captivating and imaginative stories that you can tell your own children or students, complete with instructive, easy-to-interpret illustrations and charts, this book will become a well-worn treasure to any parent or teacher, whether in traditional, Montessori, or homeschool environments.

Storytelling is an essential element of all cultures: all adults should feel confident in their abilities to pass along knowledge in inspiring and creative ways. Become a gifted storyteller and crafter of your own personal stories with this invaluable guide. The children are waiting to listen.

About the Author:

Michael grew up listening to stories but didn’t start telling them until he was in his thirties, beginning with a few tentative yarns for children. Even though the stories were a bit makeshift, they worked wonders with their audiences. That started a lifelong love of stories and storytelling. Today, Michael continues to appeal to children through his storytelling.

Michael has a background as an internationally trained Montessori educator. After training in America and Europe, he specialized in Montessori curriculum and materials, focusing on storytelling. He has also worked with adults in teacher education for almost thirty years.

At home in Minnesota, Michael and his wife, Rose, enjoy visiting schools, cooking, and playing with their grandchildren and their black Labrador. Whenever he can, Michael likes canning and preserving foods. If you’re lucky, you may get to try his homemade jam while listening to a story.